Fashion Doll Conventions

Convention season is upon us, and once again we are faced with a recurring issue that has irked many a collector.

Known fact:  most doll collectors are adults, with adult responsibilities, families and lives that do not usually revolve around the pursuit of the next *HOT* doll.  Not that we sometimes wish we could make that happen, but certainly, at least, not among the collectors I hang out with.

The gripe:  If you make a deposit on a convention, then for professional/medical reasons cannot attend, why is it impossible to receive a refund, especially when there is a Wait List of potential attendees which will mean no financial loss to the company? Why not, feasibly, grant a credit towards a future convention?  Why is this a very *cut and dry* *black and white*, non-negotiable issue?

And, in those rare, extreme cases where a refund was granted, why must it be given with a *scolding* and *lecture*, as though one were a five year old child.

I’ve been involved with businesses large and small for over 30 years and have yet to meet a consumer-driven company that is not willing to accommodate a long-standing customer, especially when it will bear no financial cost/risk to their business.

That is…until I became a doll collector.

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